Looking for an escape?

Find calm and serenity here.

Experience Equine-Assisted Therapy, a uniquely powerful treatment where you connect with horses in a rich, organic setting.

What can you expect at S.A.D.L.E.S. Ranch?

A peaceful refuge from life's storms...

Our ranch is the perfect quiet place for you, your family, or your team to fully recharge and get a new, fresh perspective.

Healing with Equine-Assisted Therapy

Would you like to experience a proven, all-natural alternative to traditional counseling?


Treating Service Members' P.T.S.D.

Know a military veteran or first responder who may have symptoms of P.T.S.D.?


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Looking for the perfect beautiful natural ranch for your wedding, family, or corporate gathering?


Supporting our Heroes

Explore a unique treatment for PTSD

Our non-profit organization C.O.D.E. Horse helps Military Veterans and First Responders heal through the proven use of Equine-Assited Therapy in hands-on treatment techinques.


Meet our beautiful horses

These loving horses help build connections.

You'll have to meet these horses in person so that you can truly experience the amazing ways that they communicate and provide support and calm.

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Meet our team!

We've been here for 30 years, providing a loving, supportive, and healing environment for our community.

Cher Myers


Cher Myers has dedicated her entire life to the service and support of others in need. Her family therapy practice is dedicated to healing wounded hearts.

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Marathon for War

Samsa was a travelling salesman and above it there hung a picture.


A day for the senior citizens


A day for the senior citizens


A day for the senior citizens

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Samsa was a travelling salesman and above it there hung a picture that he had recently cut out of an illustration



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