SADLES RANCH, INC, a 501c3 nonprofit charitable organization, Home of CODE H.O.R.S.E.

Post Traumatic Stress is an Injury, not a Disorder.
Between 1914 and 1917 around 1,000 horses everyday were sent from the United States overseas to support the war effort of World War I. horse-dog War Horses have always been an important part of our military, and still are today, even in recovery from trauma sustained during combat.
Only those service men and women who depend on them everyday can understand the powerful and personal connection they share with their Horse. You may have heard about the incredible bond that bomb sniffing and K-9 service dogs have with their owners. It’s no wonder they do, as they depend on each other for their very lives.
However, you may not know the highly intelligent and empathic nature of Horses. Like bomb sniffing dogs, our Therapy Horses have the ability to bond with our military and first responders that are part of our CODE H.O.R.S.E Program
Horses have the unique gift of reflecting back a person’s most inner peace or turmoil, at times showing a person things about themselves that they could have never realized without their Horse providing feedback by their behavior and via the relationship they develop.
Our Program is dedicated to active duty, former military and retired veterans and their families. During this time we will share with you how to learn to be calm, at peace and at ease with our exclusive CODE H.O.R.S.E Program.
This unique program developed by its founder is based on the outcomes from a two and one half year pilot research study designed and co-facilitated by Cher Myers, Founder of S.A.D.L.E.S. Ranch, Inc. and U.C.F., College of Medicine. No horse experience is required.
Our programs include:
• Military Mondays & Tactical Tuesdays
• Individual, Small Group & Family Equine Therapy
• 8 Week group equine therapy program
• 3-4 Day nature based equine therapy programs including spouses/significant others
• Monthly support groups for the parents & spouses/significant others of deployed military
• Mentoring opportunities
• Individual and Family Counseling
• Our goal is to serve our military veterans and their families through nature based equine therapy and activities, research and education.
• Many of our military rode horses into war, now they are bring our military home.  Watch this video to learn more about equine therapy and CODE H.O.R.S.E.
Post Traumatic Stress is an Injury, not a Disorder.

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